"You have been without a doubt the best investment we've made with regard to the SAT."

"I got a 35 on my ACT and 800's on my Math 2 and Chemistry subject tests. Thank you so much for your help!"

"Darren knows the ACT in and out. Definitely worth it. Has lots of resources and knows his stuff. He himself has taken the ACT many times and has achieved a perfect 36." Nick

"Just wanted to let you know that I did in fact get an 800 on the [SAT Chemistry] test! Thank you so much for making space in your schedule for me on short notice and giving me so much extra tutoring time. I really couldn't have done it without you! It was a very good week considering I also received a 1510 on the PSAT; definitely a good send off into break."

"S. did take the SAT in Dec and got a 1570 - 780 + 790. Thanks for all your help."

"Total: 1520
  Verbal: 730
  Math: 790
  Thank you!"

"I just wanted to let you know that I got my scores back yesterday [for SAT Math Level 2] and I earned an 800.... Thank you for all your help with this test preparation."

"Just wanted to share that I got 35 in the ACT.
ACT Composite - 35, E - 35, M - 36, R - 33, S - 36.
I sincerely wanted to thank you so much for all the help! All those sessions were amazing and helped me to reach my goal."

"Darren was an incredible help tutoring our son for the SAT. His positive demeanor and endless energy were a huge help and resulted in a great score. Thank you Darren!!" Doug H.

"I have a huge smile on my face as I write this email because my SAT score from the November test came in. I scored a 1530 (760 reading and 770 math), and your help was definitely the major factor in boosting my confidence and overall performance on test day. I was a little worried about how harsh the curve would be for this test because I found that the math section was easier than I thought, but I am glad that now I can move from focusing on the SAT to my classes and college applications. The studying and test preparation skills that you taught me will definitely serve me in the future."

"Just got my scores back from the October 28 ACT. My final score is a 32.... I'd like to thank you very much for helping me move 7 points up."

"A. got 30 (yay!) on the June ACT.... He couldn’t have done it without you."

"Thanks again for your help with the ACT preparation! We still can't believe L. scored a 35!"

"Thank you for your help! Just wanted to message you and tell you I got an 800 on the chem SAT."

"We have used Darren and he is ABSOLUTELY the best! He worked very well with my son to work on raising his ACT scores. I can't recommend him enough!" Carol B.

"Amazing job helping T. prepare for the SAT - huge score improvement - thank you."

"Just wanted to let you know that I received acceptances from Yale, UC Berkeley, USC, UMich and got waitlisted at Penn and Brown. I'll most likely attend Yale in the fall of 2019! Thank you for all the help, support, and guidance!"

"I thought I would let you know that I have been given UNCONDITIONAL offers to King's College London, Royal Holloway University of London, University of Edinburgh, and Trinity College Dublin as well as LMU in the states!! Thank you again for all your help and ACT prep!"

"I got almost a full scholarship from UC Santa Barbara and got accepted to their CCS department, which is a graduate school in undergraduate. I am satisfied with the result, and I think I will attend Santa Barbara. Thank you for everything!"

"Just wanted to let you know what schools I was accepted at. I have gotten into Depaul, Marquette, Arizona State, UCSB, Cal Poly Slo, Cal, and Carnegie-Mellon. I am planning on going to either Cal or CMU. Thank you for all your help with my ACT scores!"

"Darren is fantastic. We were lucky to find him. My son is excelling thanks to him - thank you!!!" Anne B.

"Thank you for all of the assistance and encouragement you have provided to N. during the ACT prep. His scores are dramatically improving and he is fully engaged in the process. We have never seen him so motivated and excited about his academics!"

"Thank you so much for all your expertise, time, and kindness. You have made a big difference in A.'s scores and future."

"Darren is punctual, knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated in helping my son with ACT Prep sessions. My son was excited to study with him. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ Thanks, Darren, for your kindness." (Tiffany L.)

"You have a way of not only teaching the information, but building confidence with every question and answer."

"I am very impressed about N.’s progress... your coaching is motivating him to excel and work hard."

"You are an amazing tutor! Thank you for helping our daughter."

"Darren is extremely knowledgeable and very patient & kind w my kids. He's very responsive when you contact him. He usually responds within a few hours by email." Isabelle L.

"Thanks for everything. It is great to see T. with so much confidence."

"You actually allow us to think. I'm not saying you are not allowed to think in China, but you have to keep your thoughts in your mind. Thank you for all the attention you gave me." Aaron

"Thanks for all of your help and encouragement. N.'s scoring improvement would not have been possible without you."

Science and Math

"I have been accepted to the Emory School of Medicine. Thank you for being a part of what has made this dream come true!" G.X.

"I know I am not ever going to be even close to the brightest person in our grade, but in your class, I do feel like it." E.P.

"You explain and teach things so well. This has been a hard year in science, and I have really been challenged. You have taught me how to think and ask questions, and that is something I will use throughout my whole life." Rachel

"You are the best science teacher I have ever had." Genevieve

"You made science fun, easy, and exciting." Hannah

"You made science a subject to look forward to with your enthusiasm." Cassey

"Your comments were always so helpful, and we know how much time you must have spent." Mira

"Thank you for all the times you explained the labs, answered my homework questions, and encouraged me when I doubted how much I knew." Gia

"Thanks so much for all your help in Chem. You've made a difficult class much more tolerable through your compassion and understanding." Susan

"Your ability to let me experiment with different ways of doing a problem makes it easier for me to remember the correct method. Your explanation of separating exponents from other numbers in the problem was extremely helpful. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and your willingness to help me with Trig and Chemistry." Jake

"Thank you so much for tutoring my son. I don't know what I would have done without you."

"You have helped N. and R. tremendously. Thank you for your dedication and hard work in making a difference in their lives."

"Thank you so much. You went above and beyond for me."

"I would like to thank you for mentoring S. for the last couple of months. I can see some changes in his approach to studying and organizing his work load. I am very grateful for that. He is doing great in his Math class as well.... I am very satisfied with this partnership and hope that this continues until my kids are settled in their careers."

"I got a 102% on my Chapter 5 calc test!"

"R. said he learned a lot and wishes he had you as his math tutor at the beginning of this past school year!  He was blown away at how much easier you make math out to be!"

"I cannot express just how jazzed and confident L. is after just one session! He got 100% on his physics test last week!"

"Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance. She could not have gotten through AP Chem without a complete meltdown and so much more stress than she had without you. We will be forever grateful for the great way you broke down a complicated subject into concepts that she could apply."

"He answers with questions but gives more info than needed. Doesn't use the textbooks often, usually just has power points and lectures. He is also very particular with grammar. You do learn a lot. I really have enjoyed his class." University of Central Oklahoma student

"You were the best tutor ever! Thank you again for your passion for teaching and education!" Liz

"The optional problem sets are very helpful."

"Well organized. Very helpful and allowed students to come to conclusions on their own."

"Superb, nice, and extremely helpful. The best TA I have had since coming to Stanford."

"Very knowledgeable, amazingly helpful, always enthusiastic; the best TA I have had here at Stanford by far."

Quantitative Finance

"Just noticed that @ReformedTrader is bizarrely under-followed. He's curated, quoted, pasted, summarized, analyzed, organized and synthesized well over a hundred papers and articles on academic finance. Honestly, wtf are y'all reading if you aren't following his threads?" Adam B., CIO at ReSolve Asset Management

"@ReformedTrader has put together an awesome series of Twitter “moments” that highlight research on risk premia, style premia, seasonality, and craftsmanship. Dig in." Corey H., CIO at Newfound Research and a member of Investopedia's Top 100 in finance

"Gotta hand it to @ReformedTrader for his consistency in posting quality quant finance research links. Everyone who is interested in quant finance should follow him. Hidden gem." Pravit C., Wells Fargo equity derivatives strategist

"Wow, good stuff. I didn't even know the Moments could be used like this. Really great reference and shows the power of info sharing and knowledge building on Twitter." Justin C., managing partner at Validea Capital Management

"Wow, Darren knows the paper way better than I do now." Cliff A., co-founder of AQR Capital Management

"Read this thread and become an expert on the quality factor. Fantastic work by
@ReformedTrader." Chris C., Quantitative Researcher at Connors Research  and author of The Alpha Formula

"@ReformedTrader is underfollowed IMO. Thoughtful, scientific mind. Research encyclopedia. All around good dude." Nick

"I think you are doing a fantastic job with the finance work, it’s a great way for some high schoolers... to see the practical application of math and science."

"I am really grateful you care not only about helping me with my SAT, but also about my career.... I'm sure no tutoring center can do what you do."

"Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and generosity with your time. M. was shocked by how much you two were able to cover today and she is so thankful to have this opportunity to work with you. I am very grateful for your kindness and love of math."

"Thank you for all your support and helping me with everything, from the ACT to trade techniques. I appreciate all you have done and I know I couldn’t have gotten here without you."

"Just flipped through your moment "book"... LOVE it!  What a fantastic and thoughtful curation. There should be an app to "publish to" a pdf or coffee table book!" W.H.

"There is a wealth of knowledge here. I always find myself saving so much of it for some far-off day when I can really go through it. Thank you for providing this." Jay J.

"Your Twitter feed is absolutely fantastic.... Recently followed you and have been getting tons out of all the research stuff.  Really great." Daniel B.

"Wow, I can’t believe I just recently found your page, there’s great research all over the place!! Nice work!" Andrรฉ L.

"@ReformedTrader a great follow/resource [for recent papers, etc. on factors]... You add a lot of value and post good stuff.... You're the go to factor person." boz

"I have Twitter set so I get notifications on @ReformedTrader tweets. Tremendous value. Especially enjoy the summaries of new finance research, and related discussions with people like @bennpeifert . Can't get this quality of discussion anywhere else." Sal A.

"Some of my favorite follows on here are traders, esp in options. Their view of market price action is necessarily less abstracted than it is for us longer time horizon, fundamentally-oriented folks." Nick (here as well)