My students' ACT scores typically increase by 5 to 10 points, with final scores in the range of 30 to 35

SAT scores usually increase by 120 to 230 points, with final scores in the range of 1370 to 1570.

Here are some recent examples:

April 2019, four Skype sessions: Increase of 4 ACT points to a final score of 35 (April 13 test date; equivalent to an increase of 140 SAT points to a 1540)

December 2018, six sessions: Increase of 150 SAT points to a final score of 1570 (December 1 test date)

Walnut Creek
November 2018, two sessions: Increase of 110 SAT points to a final score of 1530 (November 3 test date)

San Ramon
August 2018, seven Skype sessions: Increase of 40 SAT points to a final score of 1560 (August 25 test date)

Mumbai, India
June 2018, thirteen Skype sessions: Increase of 7 ACT points to a final score of 35 (June 9 test date, equivalent to an increase of 230 SAT points to a 1540)

June 2018, three Skype sessions: My student's SAT Literature score increased from 660 to a final score of 780 (June 2 test date).

December 2017, seven Skype sessions: Her SAT Chemistry score increased from 650 to a perfect final score of 800 (December 2 test date).

Los Altos
May 2018, three Skype Math Level 2 sessions: My student's SAT Math Level 2 score increased from 690 to a perfect final score of 800 (May 5 test date).

September 2017 (five ACT Skype sessions and four Subject Test Skype sessions):

My student's ACT score increased from 33 to a final score of 35 (September 9 test date, equivalent to an SAT score changing from 1460 to 1540).

He also got perfect scores on the Math Level 2 (800) and Chemistry (800) Subject Tests (August 26 test date).

Walnut Creek
June 2017, five SAT sessions: 60-point increase to a final SAT score of 1520 (June 3 test date)

Score Increases

The tables below are based on the average score increases my students receive. Only official College Board and ACT test scores were used for the calculations.

Subject Tests include Math Level 2, SAT Chemistry, SAT Physics, SAT Biology, and SAT Literature.

Remember that these are average score increases. Your scores may go up slower or faster based on your background knowledge, how hard you're able to study, and how well-rested you are on the day of your official ACT or SAT.

One-on-One Tutoring

Tutors with perfect SAT and ACT scores normally train less experienced employees instead of working with you themselves. The ones who choose not to delegate the work are high-value educators with multiple qualifications:

  • Rick, a perfect scorer at RK Test Prep, has the lowest rate I've found after doing a 21-page Google search. It's $275/hour for in-person sessions and $235/hour for a 10-hour package of Skype sessions.
  • Zenith Tutoring in San Francisco is $250/hour. Ask specifically to get one-on-one tutoring with Grayson Giovine, Zenith's founder.
  • Paul Osborne specializes in helping students with learning disabilities prep for the SAT. He's $250/hour at his learning center in Lafayette and $220/hour online.
  • Brooke Hanson is a video editing specialist with an Ivy League degree and perfect test scores. She offers in-home tutoring for $300/hour and Skype sessions for $235/hour.
  • Mike Barrett wrote the SAT Black Book and the ACT Black Book, which I use in my own tutoring. He's $350/hour by phone.
  • Steve Warner wrote the SAT and ACT math practice books that I use with my own students. He's $375 for a 45-minute session ($500/hour).
Like the tutors in the list above, I work with every client personally and design a custom curriculum based on that person's current test scores.

My own students invest $220/hour for in-home tutoring ($330 per 90-minute session).

You may be eligible for a discount:

Skype tutoring for U.S. students (score increases for in-person and online sessions are similar)
27% discount
Tutoring at Panera Bread (94598)
22% discount
In-home tutoring less than 2 miles from De La Salle High School
22% discount
In-home tutoring less than 4 miles from De La Salle High School

18% discount
In-home tutoring less than 6 miles from De La Salle High School
13% discount
International students
9% discount

Students will be expected to do at least six hours of homework per session.

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