January 27, 2017

From the Preposphere: January 27, 2017

This month's list of links focuses on the SAT and ACT.


Official SAT Practice Test #7 is now available for download. (Khan Academy)

How to answer those pesky adding/deleting sentence questions (College Panda)

What to bring to the SAT - and what not to bring (PrepScholar)

How to get a perfect score on the SAT (SuperTutorTV)

Ten tips for getting a perfect score on the ACT (SuperTutorTV)

What your ACT score report looks like to colleges (Compass)

You still need to know vocabulary for the SAT and ACT. (Chariot Learning)

Comparing tasks: the SAT essay vs. the ACT essay (Compass)

To get a high score on the ACT essay, you need to analyze all three perspectives, not just one of them. (Magoosh)

Harvard's SAT scores (Magoosh)


Wowing the admissions office (Magoosh)

Five steps to get into schools like Stanford (StudentTutor)

Are you a rebel? The Ivy League wants you. (Dream School Project)

Eight schools that are just as selective as the Ivy League (Business Insider)


Doodling during class may actually help you learn the material. (Chariot Learning)

Why students need experienced teachers (Erica Meltzer)


Personal finance for college-bound students (Magoosh)

Five ways to study while working full-time (Magoosh)


A vocab app isn't enough if you want to ace GRE verbal. (Erica Meltzer)

GRE score percentiles (Magoosh)



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