May 17, 2017

Marin Catholic AP Scores Invalidated

If you took AP tests at Marin Catholic, you may need to re-take some of them next week due to a problem with the way students were seated during the test.

If you like to overprep for tests, this disaster can be an opportunity. You have an extra week to study, an advantage that other high schoolers don't have. If your AP tests correspond to AP classes you're currently taking, you can prep for the APs and your final exams at the same time.

The College Board has taken this opportunity to remind us that it takes its rules seriously. You can't control where you're seated, but be in compliance in as many areas as you can.

Review the rules for AP tests, the SAT, and the ACT through the links below. Make sure to permanently disable the speaker on your watch, as any noise your watch makes may cause your scores to be canceled.

AP Tests
(You'll need to log in to your College Board account to access the AP rules.)


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