June 30, 2017

From the Preposphere: June 30, 2017

Enjoy this month's linkfest!


Beware of free practice tests offered by test-prep companies. (Erica Meltzer)

You, too, can study for the ACT while still enjoying your summer break. (PowerScore)

Finishing ACT Reading isn't about reading fast: it's about reading strategically. (Erica Meltzer)

Recent changes to ACT Science have made background knowledge more important. (Compass Prep)

An SAT perfect scorer explains how to stop making small mistakes on the test. (College Panda)

The new edition of the Official ACT Prep Guide is nearly identical to last year's. (PowerScore)

What's a good ACT score? (SuperTutorTV)


Life is equal to the integral from birth to death of happiness over time with the change in time. (VesselHead)


Sleep prepares your brain to learn the next day. (Chariot Learning)


The financial aid conversation should happen now, before you decide which schools to apply to. (Erica Meltzer)

Brooke Hanson offers her wisdom on the kinds of activities that can help you get into top schools. (SuperTutorTV 1 and 2)

When it comes to extracurriculars, focus is more important than quantity. (Dream School Project)

Become the kind of creative problem-solver that schools are looking for. (Dream School Project)

Make your Common App activities list your high school resume. (Applerouth)

Before you step into your interview, learn how to command a room. (This is about getting noticed, not controlling other people, and it applies to women, too.) (The Art of Manliness)


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