August 31, 2017

From the Preposphere: August 31, 2017

Check out the science-related links at the end of this month's linkfest.


Learn how to avoid careless errors on the SAT and ACT. (SuperTutorTV)

Learn three key formulas for the SAT's Math sections. (SuperTutorTV)

Brooke Hanson shares tips to help you ace the ACT Math section. (SuperTutorTV)


"This past school year, 16 high school students from Central Contra Costa County got a flavor of what it’s like to start, run and dissolve a business. It was all part of a 13-week afterschool program, offered free through Junior Achievement of Northern California, that will be launched again this fall to interested high-schoolers in the area." (East Bay Times)

"Leaders sometimes get caught up in linear ways of thinking. Reading helps open up differing viewpoints and fresh perspectives." (Annesha Dutta)


Did you know that Northgate High School has a peer tutoring program? (MDUSD)


You can use ratios to find the size of the impossibly small planet in Star Trek Voyager's opening sequence. (E.C. Henry)

How does boric acid kill cockroaches and other small insects? (GoodGeek, DenGarden)

Some people are genetically prone to calcium-rich saliva, which protects teeth. (HippocraticPost)

Safe driving speed is determined situationally by observing the surrounding traffic, not by posted speed limits. As a result, speed limits on some highways have increased in order to make those roads safer. (SEH)

The deadliest animal in the world is the mosquito. (GatesNotes)

Schools have earthquake drills, but the odds of dying in an earthquake in California are one hundred times smaller than the odds of dying playing field sports (and only three times as high as the risk of dying from a lightning strike). (Dartmouth)

You can buy a Greek ETF (GREK) for only 80% of its book value. (Yahoo! Finance)

Oenology (wine tasting) majors can't tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine if the labels are switched. They can't tell the difference between red and white wine, either. (The Atlantic)


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