August 24, 2017

SAT Math Level 2: Seven Key Strategies

Here's a list of strategies to get your Math Level 2 score into the 750-800 range.

  1. Skip questions as often as possible. If you can't figure out how to solve a problem within 10 seconds, skip it and come back after you've finished question 50. Remember that there's a 0.25-point guessing penalty, so you can miss 5 questions or skip 7 and still get a perfect 800.
  2. Start by eliminating choices that are clearly wrong. If you can cross of three or four choices, don't bother to solve unless you see a very quick 30-second solution. Smart guessing is faster than solving.
  3. The extra time you gain from guessing will keep you from feeling rushed near the end. Don't rush on questions. It's better to skip two and do two carefully than to rush on four.
  4. Remember to use your calculator's functionality. Most graphing calculators can do inverse trig functions, imaginary numbers, absolute value, systems of equations, and conic graphing.
  5. Use your calculator to store numbers into x and then regenerate complicated expressions so that you don't have to keep typing those expressions over and over. Storing into x also eliminates having to use parentheses when you plug in negative numbers. (In order to re-create an expression you've already typed in, click the up arrow until the expression is highlighted and then press Enter twice.)
  6. Because you skip questions on this test (but not the SAT), hold off on bubbling until either the proctor calls, "5 minutes left!" or you finish question #50. That keeps you from making bubbling mistakes after you skip questions. It also ends up saving time. You can always go back and check the skipped questions after you bubble.
  7. The week before the test, focus on re-doing the practice tests you've already taken. Using the strategies above, you should start to get scores in the 750-800 range.
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