November 11, 2017

AP Calculus Resources

Check out the resources below if you need help in your AP Calculus class.

For practice problems, I recommend checking out Steve Warner's AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC practice books. Each problem is followed by a detailed answer explanation, and the difficulty level gradually increases to avoid making you feel overwhelmed. One of my students studied with the BC book while she was still taking the AB class and got a 5 on the AP Calculus BC test in May.

AP Calculus AB Problems, #87 (page 104): The correct answer is shown below.

AP Calculus AB Problems, #80 (page 98): I had trouble verifying Dr. Warner's answer. Please comment below if your answer matches his.

Khan Academy has spent the past couple of years expanding the scope of the practice problems available on its Web site. It currently has missions for both Calculus AB and Calculus BC.

SymboLab is an incredibly helpful Web site that automatically solves math problems, including derivatives and integrals, in step-by-step fashion. Unlike the Nspire CAS calculator, which just spits out answers, SymboLab provides detailed explanations for all the problems it solves. Make sure that this doesn't backfire, though: you still have to know how to solve problems on tests when you don't have access to the Internet! has a table of derivatives that can be very helpful as a reference when you're doing your homework.

You can prove the derivatives of all of the inverse trig functions yourself by using the inverse function theorem.

S.O.S. Math has a table of trig identities that can be useful when you're manipulating mathematical expressions.

Here's an additional list of resources:

Please comment below with links to your own favorite resources. I'd be glad to add them to this page!


  1. Collection of calculus calculators:

  2. I am currently taking AP Cal AB. So should I buy the BC or the AB one?

    1. Steve Warner's AB book provides good extra practice for your AB class.

      If you find your AB class to be very easy, you can work through the AB book first and then try the BC one. You may decide you want to learn BC on your own and take the AP Calc BC test in May.