September 30, 2017

From the Preposphere: September 30, 2017

It's time for a break - and some reading!

You'll need to know these four sentence types for the ACT and SAT. (Love the SAT)

The National Merit Semifinalist cutoffs are higher for the class of 2018 than they were for the class of 2017. (Compass)

Erica Meltzer's GRE book and new editions of her SAT books are now available on Amazon.

SAT vocabulary hasn't disappeared from the redesigned SAT, but the test does take a new approach. (Compass)

What's the optimal SAT/ACT study timeline? (Compass)

You can request testing accommodations on both the SAT and the ACT. (Compass)

Learn how to stop procrastinating on SAT and ACT prep. (Love the SAT)

If you really need to cram for the ACT, here's how. (PrepExpert)

Learn how to handle parallel passages on the ACT and SAT. (PowerScore)


College rankings are easier to manipulate than one might think. (Chicago Tribune)

"These 7 questions can give you a picture of what type of career support you will receive for your [college] tuition." (Audrey Slaughter)

Can you measure a college's return on investment? (Applerouth)

How do you help your son or daughter get ready for the first day of college? (PrepExpert)

"For all you parents of smart B students who would rather be playing World of Warcraft than writing their college essays, know that there is hope." (Erica Meltzer)

"In a move to “ensure equality and fair access” for lower-income students applying to the university, Cal Poly has announced that it’s suspending its applications for early admissions — putting all students on the same application cycle for the fall 2017 quarter." (SLO)


A college graduate shares her experience getting into Berkeley as a transfer student from a community college. (SuperTutorTV)


If you need a new logo for your business or Web site, consider using a design contest. (48HoursLogo)

Did you know that you can create your own custom Google map and embed it on your site? (Create)

Did you know that you can turn off your Google Calendar notifications? (Google Support)


Learn about the different types of engineering degrees. (Love the SAT)

"Imagine the difference, not just if you found your own work fulfilling, but if almost everyone else did too. Products would be better and we’d buy fewer of them. And the people selling them to us would be proud instead of indifferent, because their work and their joy would no longer be confined to different parts of the day." (Raptitude)


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