October 19, 2017

What If I Missed the PSAT?

Did you miss your opportunity to take the PSAT this year?

The good news is that if you're not going for National Merit Semifinalist status, you can take an officially released College Board PSAT diagnostic test and receive similar results.

There are three ways to do this:

  1. Go to a tutoring center and take a practice test. The center needs to use an official SAT or PSAT test, not one written by a third party. Non-official tests, especially ones written by Peterson's, contain mistakes and unrealistic questions.

    The Bay Area options I'm aware of are Lafayette Academy, which uses real College Board practice tests but teaches SAT classes using Peterson's book; Compass Prep in Marin, which uses College Board materials for both practice tests and tutoring sessions; and Zenith Tutoring in San Francisco, which uses College Board material for practice tests and their custom video curriculum for classes.
  2. Download an official PSAT test and take it at home.

    The Verbal and Math sections of the PSAT cap at 760, so the PSAT only compares accurately with the SAT when your scores on both sections are still below 700. If you think you'll score higher than that or if you need the benefit of answer explanations, I suggest taking a practice SAT instead.
  3. Take an official SAT test at home.

    My students use the SAT Black Book's answer explanations to review their own practice tests before tutoring sessions. The combination of self-review and tutoring results in rapid progress and higher scores.
I'd be happy to schedule a phone call to discuss your practice test. Contact me using the form at the bottom of my tutoring page and include your phone number. I look forward to chatting with you!


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