October 12, 2018

How to Help Your Kids Become More Responsible

The more you bug your kids about studying, the less they want to study. Right?

You're not the only parent who has experienced this! The list of podcasts and books below has some psychology-based suggestions for helping your kids become more responsible and independent.

The Self-Driven Child (The Art of Manliness)

"We discuss specific ways parents can let their kids make their own decisions and why this doesn’t mean you let your kids do whatever they want. With each tip, they explain the science of why it helps increase intrinsic motivation."

(If you prefer reading to podcasts, you'll find similar ideas in Dan Pink's book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.)

Your Son Isn't Lazy: How to Empower Boys to Succeed (The Art of Manliness)

"Young men feel too much pressure to succeed and are scared of failing. Nagging and over-parenting simply exacerbates this issue, and stepping back and giving boys more autonomy can help them become more self-directed and find their footing."

Once your kids have become more independent, encourage them to stay several weeks ahead of other students. That's a reliable way to get A's in high school and college.


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