May 18, 2019

How to Update Your TI-84 Plus CE's Software

Your TI-84 Plus CE calculator has some really cool features, including a circle/ellipse/hyperbola grapher (Conics) as well as a polynomial solver and system of equations solver (PlySmlt2):

If you hit the Apps key and don't see the menu above, you'll need to upgrade your calculator's software.

The current OS software version is 5.3. Use the instructions below to check which version you currently have installed:

To upgrade to the latest OS version, you'll need to connect your TI-84 to your computer using the mini USB cable that came with your calculator. (Old digital cameras/camcorders/GPS systems as well as other Texas Instruments calculators use the same type of cable, so you may be able to find one lying around the house.)

You'll then need to download two pieces of software from the Texas Instruments Web site:

  1. TI Connect CE software for Windows (or TI Connect CE software for Apple Macintosh computers)
  2. TI-84 Plus CE OS and apps bundle

Install the Connect CE software and open the installed application. You'll see a screen that looks like this:

Connect your calculator to your computer using the mini USB cable I mentioned earlier.

Then go to the Actions menu on your computer and choose Send OS/Bundle to Calculators.

Navitate to the TI-84 Plus CE OS and apps bundle that you installed earlier and open that file.

The update process will take a few minutes, after which you'll able to use all of the apps listed in the menu below. Enjoy!


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