October 31, 2019

Free Session (Quantitative Finance)

Students who love math and have a deep-seated interest the stock market will want to check out the curriculum for my Quantitative Finance course, developed from thirteen years of experience reading finance research and four years working as a quant.

Take a look at what others in the finance community are saying about my work:
"Just noticed that @ReformedTrader is bizarrely under-followed. He's curated, quoted, pasted, summarized, analyzed, organized and synthesized well over a hundred papers and articles on academic finance. Honestly, wtf are y'all reading if you aren't following his threads?" Adam B.CIO at ReSolve Asset Management

"@ReformedTrader has put together an awesome series of Twitter “moments” that highlight research on risk premia, style premia, seasonality, and craftsmanship. Dig in." Corey H.CIO at Newfound Research and a member of Investopedia's Top 100 in finance

"Gotta hand it to @ReformedTrader for his consistency in posting quality quant finance research links. Everyone who is interested in quant finance should follow him. Hidden gem." Pravit C., Wells Fargo equity derivatives strategist

"Wow, good stuff. I didn't even know the Moments could be used like this. Really great reference and shows the power of info sharing and knowledge building on Twitter." Justin C.managing partner at Validea Capital Management

The chart below, taken from one of the academic papers in the curriculum, describes one of the strategies covered in the course.

Note the strong performance in the dot-com bust (2000-2002) and the 2008 crisis. The strategy diversifies into the 50% of asset classes with the strongest momentum, avoiding years in which the worst-performing asset classes have strong downtrends.

This chart is from Adaptive Asset Allocation, one of the papers covered in my Quant Finance course.

Please contact me about tutoring and mention the words "Finance Offer" in order to get your first 90-minute session for free. (The offer expires on October 31, 2019.)

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