November 22, 2020

Online Tutoring Q&A

How effective is online tutoring?  

My online students have seen some large score increases and high final scores

(This isn't a random sample, though: the students who search for and find my Web site tend to be highly motivated individuals.) 

SAT Math Level 2 problem solved on a Jamboard  

How does online tutoring work?  
Before each session starts, I'll share a Google Jamboard with you, which will allow us to write on the computer screen and save up to twenty pages of our work. (If necessary, we can save more than twenty pages of work by creating additional Jamboards.) 

We'll use either Skype or Facetime for the video-conferencing aspect of the session. 

After the session is finished, I'll send you a link to the Jamboard(s) we worked on. 

Do I need to install any software?  
It will be easiest for you to draw on the screen if you use a tablet or a laptop with a touch screen. (Desktops work too, but you'll either have to draw with your mouse or let me draw for you.) 

Jamboards function best in Google Chrome, but you can get by with Firefox if you need to. (Microsoft Edge and Safari are not recommended.) If you have an iPad, you can also use the Jamboard app from the App Store. 

How do I pay for my sessions?  
I'll send you a Venmo or Google Pay invoice after each session is finished. 

Alternatively, you can pre-pay for blocks of ten sessions at a time in order to get an additional 10% discount. 

How can I contact you?  
Please use the contact form at the bottom of my Tutoring page. I look forward to chatting with you! 

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